Vulcan Aviation was aptly named after the famous Vulcan Stealth Aircraft. It was the first
of its kind developed by the British during the “Cold War” era.

The resilience of the aircraft meant that it could be used in a multitude of support roles

and adapt to different operating conditions.

The idea of Vulcan Aviation was born from a similar thought process. During the CV19
pandemic and with the world in a “flat-spin” we decided that a more versatile Pilot
Training academy needed to be established.

The Director of Vulcan Aviation (Mr Kiron Hanuman), being a current Airline Pilot, with
10 000 hours of flying experience, focused the business plan on the post covid era. Kiron is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with others to achieve their flying goals.

The post-covid landscape gives Vulcan Aviation the flexibility to “stream-line” costs with
all service providers allowing us to tailor a course suited to your financial needs.

Vulcan Aviation is committed to provide a leading edge and innovative training experience.